San Luis Obispo, California



Licensed architect in New Jersey

Clare Olsen  is an architect, installation artist, author and  a faculty member at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  She founded her practice, C.O.CO., in 2006,  focused on installation and furniture projects often awarded through competitions.


Olsen’s research has focused on interdisciplinarity, computation, materials and design pedagogy. Her book, co-authored with engineer Sinead Mac Namara, Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering(Routledge, 2014), has received international acclaim.  The authors have also delivered numerous conference papers and lectures throughout the country on the topic.


A dedicated educator, Olsen has taught at Tulane University, Cornell University, and Syracuse University prior to her current appointment. Olsen has been an invited juror at numerous schools of architecture, including the University of Southern California, California College of the Arts, Syracuse University London Program, Architectural Association, University of California Los Angeles, University of Pennsylvania, Louisiana State University, and Cornell University.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Brown University and a Masters of Architecture with distinction from the University of California Los Angeles.










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