Clare Olsen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Brown University and a Masters of Architecture from the University of California Los Angeles.


At UCLA she studied with numerous progressive educators including Greg Lynn, with whom she completed a year-long research project.  While a student, Olsen worked for servo on “lobbiports” and “lattice archipelogics”, which were exhibited in New York City and Graz respectively. These inspirational experiences have greatly influenced her current approach to design and making.


Olsen’s professional work also includes an internship at Prescott Muir Architects in Salt Lake City and two years as Project Manager on the United Oil Station for Kanner Architects in Los Angeles.


Since leaving LA, Olsen has pursued projects at a range of scales for her practice C.O.CO.  The work has included installations, furniture design and numerous competitions, many of which were designed in collaboration with colleagues and students.


Olsen is a dedicated educator and held a tenure track position at Syracuse University before her current position at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


Design collaborators and team members have included:

Casey Allen, Ted Brown , Dan Di Dio, Arianna Dusso, Varuni Edussuriya, James Hepokoski, Matthew Herman, Whitney Huver, i-m-a-d-e.org, Joseph Keppel, Steve Koh, Trevor Lee, Mary Librandi, Brian Luce, Sinead Mac Namara,  Anne Munly,  Laurel Porcari, Marco Ravini, David Schragger, Daina Swagerty, Victor Tzen, Marissa Tirone, Vasilena Vassilev and Thaddeus Zarse.








San Luis Obispo, California