Digital Craft: Fabrication and Ceramics

Architects working within the realm of the new--either in terms of form or material--realize concepts through research, experimentation and collaboration. Ideas are tested through a range of media, including drawing, rendering, physical models, virtual analyses and full scale mock-ups. The Syracuse University ARC 208 design studio operated amongst these various modes of experimentation and testing, focusing specifically on the aesthetic and perfomative potentials of ceramic for an urban facade.


With support from the Transdisciplinary Media Studio Chancellor’s grant, the studio was an interdisciplinary collaboration with faculty and students from the Department of Art.  Hand crafted and CNC milled digital molds were developed to create a  series of ceramic tiles. Students were encouraged to develop ideas through iterations, considering such design parameters as pattern, differentiation, color, texture, repeatability as well as performance factors such as water shedding and visual screening.





Many thanks for the support from the SU School of Architecture and Department of Art and also for the kindness of faculty collaborators Errol Willet and David Macdonald. Also, many thanks to the students whose tireless efforts made the studio a success.

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