Interdisciplinary Pedagogy

Despite the increasing reliance on architecture-engineering collaboration in the professional world, in the United States, students from the disciplines generally have few opportunities to mingle.  This departmental isolation is attributable to the emphasis on increasing specialization, overloaded curriculums, and also resultant of the fact that there are often vastly different pedagogical approaches to teaching architecture and engineering.


Interdisciplinary courses have the potential to prepare students for meaningful cross-disciplinary design collaborations in the working world and can prove to be pivotal in students’ educational careers.


The work shown at left was designed by students in the National Science Foundation-sponsored courses taught by Sinead MacNamara and Clare Olsen at Syracuse University.


I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to have co-taughtwith Sinead MacNamara, and to have had the support of the NSF and the Schools of Engineering and Architecture. Also, thank you to all of the students--you made the teaching experience enjoyable.






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