Clare Olsen is a licensed architect, artist, published author, and professor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Brown University and a Masters of Architecture with distinction from the University of California Los Angeles. Clare worked as a project manager at Kanner Architects in Los Angeles before starting her own practice. She holds a teaching position at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she is also a Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow. Clare served on the Editorial Board of the journal of Technology | Architecture and Design (TAD) for the first five years of the journal. Together with engineer, Sinead Mac Namara, they wrote a second edition of their book, Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering, whch was published in 2022.
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Location ︎︎︎ San Luis Obispo,                           California
Licensure ︎︎︎ Licensed Architect                       in New Jersey

email: office@c-o-co.com