Reflection was an installation created for The Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Sited in the grand staircase, the modulated sculptural form echoes its surrounding context by climbing the wall and bouncing light from the nearby windows. It also literally reflects activity in the stairwell with subtle mirrored faces that animate the object with the movement of passersby.

The field of diamonds also imitate the boundless potential of the learning process. In this digital age, information is all around us and Reflection manifests this through an expanding field of differentiated, but connected modules.  The installation is comprised of powder-coated aluminum folded sheets that are dry welded with rivets. Students helped to assemble the modules and Eric Buckthal engineered the lighting program for the embedded LEDs that emit a different sequence of colors during daylight and nighttime hours.
Client: Robert E. Kennedy Library, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California

Lighting engineer: Eric Buckthal

Fabrication team: Max Wisotsky, Ariana Martin, Braelyn Hamill, Ryan Craney, Alex Buckthal, Nicholas Batie

Structural Consultant: Kevin Dong

Media:Powder coated aluminum, rivets, bolts, embedded microcontroller and LEDs